$12 million available for personalized learning schools

With our partner Next Generation Learning Challenges, my team recently issued a $12m call for proposals for personalized learning schools. NGLC is running webinars about the program on Tues April 2, more info later in this post.

Eligible school proposals will share the following attributes:

  • Student-Centered: designed to meet the diverse learning needs of each student every day
  • High Expectations: committed to ensuring that every student will meet clearly defined, rigorous standards that will prepare them for success in college and career
  • Self-Pacing & Mastery-Based Credit: enables students to move at their own optimal pace and receive credit when they can demonstrate mastery of the material
  • Blended Instruction: optimizes teacher and technology-delivered instruction in group and individual work
  • Student Ownership: empowers students with skills, information, and tools they need to manage their own learning
  • Financial Sustainability: sustainable on public per-pupil revenue within four years
  • Scalable: designed to serve many more students if it demonstrates impact

Last year we supported NGLC in a similar challenge that generated over 100 applications and 20 winning schools. This year, two types of grants are available for new personalized learning schools that serve grades 6-12.

Launch Grants ($150,000 guaranteed plus up to $300,000 in 1:1 matching funds)

20 grants will be awarded to teams to support the launch of new personalized learning schools that will open in fall 2013 or in fall 2014.

Planning Grants ($100,000 each)

30 grants will be awarded to schools (districts, charter management organizations, aspiring charter entrepreneurs, non-profit and for-profit school developers, state education agencies and other institutions, agencies, or entities) that are planning on opening a new, personalized learning school in fall 2014 or fall 2015. The goal of the planning grant program is to support school developers earlier in the development process and to encourage non-traditional institutions to consider opening new personalized learning schools.

On Tuesday April 2, NGLC is hosting webinars about each type of grant:

Launch Grants: Tuesday April 2 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Eastern

Planning Grants: Tuesday April 2 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Eastern

Click to: Join the webinars  1-877-944-2300, 99290#

In March, NGLC hosted a kick-off webinar that you can watch here.

We’re excited about the first 20 schools and excited to add up to 50 more to that group through NGLC over the next couple of years.

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